Tax Season is Over, But Your Business is Here to Stay

Overcome the economic challenge and utilize strategic marketing for your CPA firm.

With tax season over, will your CPA firm be as bustling as it was prior to April 15th? Most accounting firms slow down, but a strategic marketing plan can revolutionize your business. Though every firm is different, the most prevalent challenges include the following:

  • Marketing in an unstable economy
  • Preserving value while growing the business
  • Ensuring the greatest marketing ROI possible

Instead of viewing these challenges as hindrances, consider them opportunities for your CPA firm to improve its services and attract more clients.

Marketing Priorities for Every CPA

To accomplish these objectives, it’s critical that you:

    1. Do a sensational job today. From turnaround time to customer service, ensure that every aspect and workflow process in your CPA firm is firing on all cylinders. Have great communication with existing clients and treat potential clients as though you already work for them. Many accountants and finance professionals are worried that clients will under-appreciate the value of work given to them, but the exact opposite is true.Doing a sensational job today makes it even easier to market your firm, as the value of services provided becomes evident for potential clients. Positive word of mouth from existing clients will bolster any marketing strategy, resulting in greater ROI, greater credibility, and ultimately a greater business.


    1. Learn about your clients. An estimated 18 percent of clients are currently dissatisfied with their current accountant or CPA firm. By learning about your client’s needs, motivations, and happiness, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page. From customer feedback to third party research, there are many ways to learn more about your clients and gain a true competitive advantage. This also allows you to create authentic customer profiles, which makes it easy to market to your target audience.


  1. Distinguish yourself. One of the toughest challenges of the finance industry is to distinguish your firm from the many CPA firms in your region. There are only so many basic accounting services that can be offered; this is why many firms include business consulting and similar services in their offerings. The greater you can distinguish your services, offerings, and the benefits of working with your firm, the stronger your marketing campaign will be.

Marketing your CPA firm doesn’t have to be a challenge. Instead, discover the opportunities available to enhance your marketing efforts and put to practice the few ideas I recommended.

Do you have any other practical advice that you could share from your experience?

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