How eCommerce is Leveraging Print Media to Increase Sales

Print Marketing for eCommerce: Say What?

How eCommerce is Leveraging Print Media to Increase Sales
eCommerce is thought to be a strictly digital business, but should it remain that way? According to top retail giants, the value of print media is greatly underestimated in the eCommerce realm. There are a number of ways print media is already being used to drive sales for eCommerce sites, including the creation of eye-catching catalogues and tangible thank you notes.


You probably think of a catalogue as a printed booklet that comes in the mail after you order an item from a particular business. Major clothing retailers send many catalogues, as do places like home improvement stores. So, how might printed catalogues help eCommerce businesses?

For one thing, many brands are cutting back on their print media production because they prefer digital branding and advertising. That means your brand has an even better chance to stand out when sending a high quality, attractive catalogue to a prospective customer. Catalogues also provide a way to reach customers who may not be as tech-savvy as others. While younger patrons tend to gravitate toward the online business world, those who are older might not think to search for your business’ products or services online. These shoppers also tend to spend more money online after browsing through a printed version of available products.

Thank You Cards

Everyone loves receiving a thank you card because this kind of tangible media lets people know they are appreciated. This is especially the case if your business is beginning to form a working relationship with the recipient—letting the recipient know your brand cares is a great way to help solidify a relationship. A thank you card including a special offer can also be especially effective at enticing someone to come back to your business. Simply put, good manners are always a great way to improve your business practices, even if you are doing business largely in the online world.

Special Print Offers

Special offers can put your business in the driver’s seat when marketing to consumers. Often times, promotions like discounts on a particular product or receiving a free gift when signing up for a subscription, can be downright irresistible to consumers. If these special offers arrive in print versions, they can stand out from other online marketing clutter.

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