Media Buying: An Asset for B2B Marketing

If your business is struggling with visibility, effective media buying may be a solution. When it comes to displaying your business’ ads for other businesses to see, ensure the ad is in the right place. Otherwise, no matter how valuable the ad itself is, you won’t be reaching the target audience. The best way to guarantee proper exposure is by hiring a media buying professional.

What Is Media Buying?

Media buying is simply purchasing advertising to appear in varying locations. This could include television, radio, newspaper, magazine or Internet ads.

How Can a Professional Help?

  • Negotiating. Hiring a professional to assist with media buying is a cost effective approach to growing your business. Professional media buyers know how to negotiate for the best advertising prices. They help clients adhere to advertising budgets and ensure they are getting the most value for their investment. Professionals are also able to suggest which advertising channels will ensure optimal results.
  • Pinpointing the market. Media buyers are skilled in creating complex advertising deals that can continue for an extended period of time through multiple channels. This ensures a continued positive return for the client. Professionals can factor in the demographics of the target consumer to ensure the ad campaign is successful. For example, if the normal client is a 40-year-old male living in a large city, the media buyer will not waste time, money and resources advertising to a suburban housewife. In this way, you reach your desired market without any additional fringe expenses.
  • Multiple connections. Media buyers can help businesses launch regional, national or even worldwide advertising campaigns. They have advertising connections around the world and know the “go-to” people. These contacts alone are a valuable asset for any business owner.
  • Cost effective. Media buyers can become part of your business’ marketing team. They are able to join meetings, offer advice and suggest new ideas and angles for a campaign. Additionally, they handle deadlines and invoices, while ensuring your business is getting what it paid for. This is oftentimes a much more cost-effective approach than hiring a full-time marketing manager. Media buyers are only paid for time spent, saving your business the potential added cost of a salaried position.

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