Marketing Your IT Startup: 10 Valuable On-Screen Strategies

IT companies and freelancers are hired because of their distinct sets of skills other office personnel lack. An IT technician or consultant is hired based on his or her technological understanding and prowess, particularly with computers and the Internet. What does it say about your business or skill set if your website has broken links, slow loading images, or ineffective content?

How will a company perceive your professionalism or level of capability if your blog or site lacks media richness? Even worse, how can a legitimate firm trust your eye for modernization if your website is not mobile responsive?

Start Revamping Your Website for Success

Before your IT startup can truly succeed, your website must mirror your abilities, goals, values and mission. The process of creating an aesthetically pleasing web space to attract future clients and firms takes patience, but the sacrifice of time will ultimately lead to enormous growth. Consider the following 10 steps as a guide towards success:

  1. Fix broken links immediately. As an IT professional, this automatically makes your abilities look insufficient. Your expertise is supposed to be eliminating this type of issue for large businesses and corporations, but when you are unable to maintain your own content to appear professional, companies will be wary of hiring you to meet their IT needs.Additionally, this type of mistake affects SEO. Google has a list of guidelines all web masters are expected to adhere to, and one of the items listed is to watch for broken links and make sure all HTML is correct.
  1. Eliminate slow loading images and content. IT experts interested in attracting clients should rid their website of images and content with loading issues. Not only does this appear unprofessional, but it causes users, potential clients and prospective employers to lose interest in what you might have to offer them.Poor website performance can substantially stunt job prospects. People aren’t interested in hiring an IT expert who is unable to maintain personal technological endeavors successfully. Your website is a marketing vehicle, and it should showcase your capabilities accurately and effectively. Fix load issues to avoid giving the impression of negligence.
  1. Create engaging content. Although IT technicians and consultants don’t create content for clients, their website should communicate they understand the important elements of a successful business site. Consider starting a blog, and work toward becoming a thought leader in the IT industry.Blogging is one of the best ways to impress future employers. It provides a space to display your knowledge about your profession, give examples of your work, share client testimonials from past projects, and more. Creating this type of content will automatically boost your SEO ratings, and attract new clients.Social media is also an excellent way to form reliable networks with other IT professionals, prospective clients and other important people in the IT world. To gain a better understanding of how to approach creating engaging content, watch how other IT experts are handling the subject and see which angles appeal to your personality and objectives.
  1. Use consistent web design. Presenting a pleasing aesthetic is an essential element of on-screen IT strategies. Since part of your job involves dealing with web content and design, reflect your understanding of this area by implementing consistent designs throughout your website. Don’t allow drastic changes to occur as people navigate your site; establish a cohesive design throughout its entirety.Make users comfortable by providing a similar layout on each page. Place menus and buttons in the same place on each landing page, and work toward similarity across the board. Not only does this help users stay more engaged; it communicates a personal inclination towards consistency in your work.
  1. Make navigation easy. Don’t make things difficult for visitors to find. Don’t make searching hard. Give users immediate access to the important parts of your website. Present a logical organizational pattern for content, products, and services by providing category menus. Make sure navigation titles are straightforward so every visitor can clearly identify where they want to go. Test every feature to ensure links lead to the right landing pages, include clickable images with ALT texts. Overall, always strive for consistency.
  1. Increase media richness for better communication. Experiment with different types of communication to reach different types of audiences. Integrating multiple types of media shows clients and employers your comprehensive understanding of the IT world. When IT technicians only focus on one skill, onlookers usually discredit their abilities because they don’t display the type of diversity most firms are searching for.Experiment with videos, images, social media campaigns and other creative avenues. Showing diversity of skills makes you a better candidate for all available IT positions. It also opens the door for additional freelancing opportunities in unexpected places.
  1. Gain mobile optimization as soon as possible. Mobile optimization isn’t only important for your IT career. It’s becoming essential for every business across a multitude of industries. Having a personal website with mobile capacity allows other companies to know they can trust you to create a successful mobile platform for their business.The digital age brought an enormous shift from desktop use to mobile use. Currently, people are using their phones more often, making purchases on mobile devices, and generally using mobile platforms more often in all areas. When you create an appealing, navigable mobile website for your personal skills, companies are more likely to hire you to create similar features for their services, products, and more.
  1. Start a video marketing campaign. This medium creates a unique connection between users and businesses. With video footage, visitors are immediately drawn in and begin building an emotional tie with the subject, material, and your IT skills. Whether you create videos specifically for your professional goals or feature related videos in blogs or social media posts, this type of activity drives engagement and increases SEO ratings.Consider the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Without a video incentive, the campaign would not have achieved the same level of success. The video transformed a simple task into an explosive fundraiser. Use videos to promote your IT startup and generate publicity about your skills and experience.
  1. Establish an SEO presence. Developing a reliable SEO strategy automatically propels business forward. For the best results, focus on optimizing your content and website specifically to local clients. Make it easy to find your services on search engines. Research algorithms and perfect your tactics to keep good ratings.However, remember to continue placing clients and employers first. Overly optimized content is obvious, and many people recognize the signs of SEO-drive material. Work to find the balance of maintaining active content, but also focus on maintain an accessible, relatable, and honest tone throughout your website.
  1. Show off capabilities. Let your website showcase your abilities as an IT expert. Keep content smooth, design consistent, demonstrate an awareness of cultural trends, and be an attractive candidate for potential clients and employers.The culmination of these elements will create a dependable reputation for any IT startup. Remember, your website is a reflection of your skills as an IT professional, so work to communicate how you conduct business, what makes you passionate about your work, and why you are an asset to any company that hires you.

Keep Building Your Portfolio

Make sure to update your website regularly. Not only does this improve your SEO results, but it gives visitors an opportunity to see the ways you are continuing to grow professionally. To learn more about how you can use your website as a marketing tool, contact the experts at OneIMS.


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