12 Strategies for Retargeting & Rebranding Your Printing Company

Whether B2B or B2C, printing services have much to contend with in 2014. With many commercial and residential printers handling bigger jobs and with less emphasis on paper-based goods, printing companies face many obstacles. On top of all these difficulties, the tide of environmentalist assertions that printing should be minimized has greatly affected how printing companies operate and advertise. One veritable solution to the anticipated loss of business is simply to retarget and rebrand.

How to Start Retargeting

While printing companies might like to stay in denial about the influence of the digital world, there are certain times when interacting with the virtual realm is a necessary part of business operations. Printing companies must use the Internet to retarget their audience successfully. Rediscovering your target audience takes patience and innovation, but most printing companies will quickly discover many businesses aren’t planning to go completely paperless just yet. To begin the process of retargeting, consider using the following five steps:

  1. Change the intended demographic. This process often involves starting at square one. Forget the people you used to market to and begin thinking about what audience has the most potential today. Companies often suddenly realize they have been pushing marketing on an audience no longer interested in what they offer. In the printing industry, many marketing strategies target older crowds, but young people are typically more interested in supporting the industry.Use social media and your website to monitor activity and track customers. Start compiling data to discover what demographic uses your services the most. To cater services to a specific audience, try creating a client profile and begin brainstorming about the best methods for reaching those people.
  1. Exercise new avenues for marketing efforts. Although traditional print marketing might seem like the natural solution, marketing companies should experiment with other avenues for marketing. From video campaigns to social media activity, new marketing methods will help successfully reach the newly identified target audience. Showing versatility helps make a statement of cultural relevance to onlookers and works towards portraying your printing company as an active part of modern culture.Consider investing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to attract more customers to your website. Marketing methods like this not only help build a more widespread reputation around the community, but help sell more products and attract more long-term customers.
  1. Attract younger audiences. Connecting with younger generations is crucial for the survival of printing companies. One method for attracting a younger crowd is promoting updated machinery. When you use new technology or update older machines, try blogging about it or posting a picture on social media. Start creating promotional initiatives to communicate updates and showcase exciting improvements around the printing room.Some companies might promote wedding invitation printing, which is a rapidly growing industry as young brides continue planning elaborate events. Millennials are interested in discovering niche industries, so marketing your printing company under a particular area of expertise will cultivate curiosity and grow business exponentially.
  1. Cultivate a strong online presence. Another way to reach younger audiences is by building your online presence. Through social media campaigns, an attractive website, a consistent blog and more, printing companies can access a whole new audience. Blogging is one of the best ways for printing companies to revitalize their audience.Take steps toward becoming a thought leader in the printing industry. Give regular updates about interesting projects, new services, company news and other tidbits to keep customers interested. Start participating in social media regularly, and seize the opportunity to link posts back to the company website. This type of engagement will help keep a steady stream of inquisitive onlookers.
  1. Demonstrate the benefits of products for today’s customers. One of the most significant ways print continues to serve customers is by supporting digital marketing. Without print, digital marketing wouldn’t be as successful. Email campaigns are less effective than direct mail, and print provides a personal touch and shows a greater level of intentionality than email, social media and other digital marketing avenues.In addition to these benefits, most people still claim to enjoy reading print material over digital, and the print industry continues to play an important role in society. Although digital content has become a firmly established part of communication, many people value the medium now more than ever.

How to Start Rebranding

Retargeting is only half of the equation. The other essential part of building success for your printing company is rebranding. Most printers have enjoyed decades of dedicated customers, but the market has changed drastically lately, which means a complete revamp is a necessary part of staying relevant to the surrounding community. Start the rebranding process by following these five simple steps:

  1. Refresh logos and taglines. Printers have a keen eye for clean designs and attractive logos. Use this ability to revamp the company design, and assess your tagline to make sure it caters to the newly established target audience.Usually, retargeting happens simultaneously with rebranding, so practice patience and take time to make the process worthwhile for the company. Observe what other creative industries are doing, and cultivate a creative vision to keep up with current trends.
  1. Adopt an environmentally friendly marketing approach. While environmental enthusiasts might not support a printing company’s green campaign, many customers will appreciate your efforts to make a difference in the community.This type of marketing provides an opportunity for members of the printing industry to acknowledge accusations and chatter by providing an alternative to the negative attention. Promoting the use of recycled paper goods, energy-efficient printing machines, and other eco-friendly improvements communicates a cultural awareness attractive to prospective customers.
  1. Promote the future of printing. The printing industry has made several exciting advancements over the last few years. One of the biggest updates throughout print companies is 3D printing. To sustain public interest, promote these types of technological improvements and explain how the new machines will revolutionize printing in the future. From industrial projects to personal equipment, these new machines offer a multitude of benefits in addition to having high-efficiency, environmentally friendly operation.
  1. Communicate through your products. Since quality printing is your specialty, use your products to market your new brand to your target audience. From sending direct mailers to hanging posters around town, take time to showcase your work personally. People need an opportunity to adjust to the next appearance and recognize why they should begin partnering with your printing company.A large part of rebranding is authenticity. Create a consistent approach to marketing and always include a part of your story, values and mission in the industry. Give people a tangible way to appreciate your work.
  1. Make printing important. With postal rates rising, digital substitution growing in popularity, and the expansion of management firms, printing companies face numerous challenges for their business. However, quality printing is still a top priority for many businesses.To boost sales and attract new customers, your printing company needs to emphasize the importance of having a dependable printer to help companies communicate. Change customer perspective by expressing how your printing company will make a difference in their business.

Print continues to play an influential role in business today. Don’t be intimidated by the challenges posed by digital marketing and print management. Instead, refresh your company identify and start engaging with a new audience, earning more faithful customers, and providing the highest quality print available in your area. To learn more about successful strategies for retargeting and rebranding, contact the team of experts at OneIMS for more information today.

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