Video Marketing: How to Reach the CEO

According to recent statistics, CEOs tend to distrust marketing. Hyperboles, commercial marketing hype and long-form content don’t resonate with CEOs like they do with other marketing personas. Interestingly, video marketing is one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of a CEO. When filmed creatively and effectively, video says more to the CEO than any boardroom meeting or sales pitch possibly could.

Why Video Marketing Matters to CEOs

According to Fournaise Group, 73 percent of CEOs say marketers lack business credibility. This is the primary reason why top executives are wary when it comes to traditional marketing tactics. While consumers are quick to dive into new solutions, products, and services, CEOs are more thoughtful in their decision-making process. For any marketer, the challenges of marketing to a CEO are solved through video marketing.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  1. Brand recall. Connecting an image to a brand is one of the most important elements of brand recall. Since video content is visual in nature, it allows CEOs to recall brands that effectively market their services and solutions. If a picture can say a thousand words, can you imagine how powerful video is?
  1. Video successfully conveys ideas. Video marketing increases a viewer’s understanding of a service or a product by as much as 74 percent. While traditional content marketing is certainly effective and useful, video has a distinct advantage because humans are visual creatures. Furthermore, since fewer brands invest in video compared to content marketing, a video is more likely to stand out from the crowd.Search engines like Google continue to reward video SEO, increasing the likelihood your videos will be found, even if they aren’t sent directly to prospective clients. Slickly produced videos, focused scripts and clear brand messaging resonate with CEOs, who are focused on the quality and success of their own brand.
  1. Stronger brand messaging. Video productions involve more key players, which result in greater collaboration. This creates a stronger brand voice that conveys your message concisely, creatively, and successfully. Compared to board meetings or sales pitches, videos provide a streamlined visual thought-process for the viewer to follow.

Are you looking to improve your marketing efforts to CEOs? At OneIMS, we understand the techniques and strategies effective for gaining the attention of top executives. Contact us today to learn more about video marketing and other executive solutions.

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