The AEC Industry’s Top Marketing Trends

The Future of Marketing in the AEC Industry
In the architectural, engineering and construction industries, trade shows, direct mail and market research are falling back to make room for content marketing, social media and email marketing. As more AEC companies learn the benefits of Internet marketing, adoption rates are soaring industry-wide.

Construction Marketing Trends

The Construction Marketing Association recently conducted a survey of construction professionals. The survey asked how they planned to change their marketing strategies in 2014, how they would adjust their lead generation tactics, and how recent trends in the industry would impact individual businesses. Here are the results:

  • 86.8 percent of the participants planned to increase their marketing efforts, with branding and email marketing being the most likely tactics.
  • Local SEO and sales prospecting were nearly tied as the lead generation techniques AEC business would most likely employ this year.
  • Respondents identified a number of trends they believe would influence their industry, including budgets, economy, cloud technology, government funding and planning permissions.

Recommendations for the Future

  • Develop an SEO-friendly website. The site should be both SEO-friendly and user-friendly. This means avoiding duplicate pages or pages that require too many clicks to access.
  • Use analytics to determine how to drive ROI. This data informs the site owner or manager which techniques are working and which are failing. Increasing the use of efficient and effective tools while determining how to improve the less useful ones can stimulate growth.
  • Consider a web host. Web hosting services can assist with website design, security, maximum uptime, SEO, analytics and various other services. This opportunity will need to be measured against budget constraints, but it is worth considering if there are no in-house employees with the knowledge and experience to manage these tasks.
  • Implement policies and procedures. As Internet marketing is integrated into the AEC industry, a need remains for documented best practices pertaining to strategy and management. This may include developing a marketing department, a company webpage, the online use of case studies and portfolios, e-brochures, the implementation of PPC and SEO campaigns, analytical programs, and more.

Following these guidelines can help ensure consistency and efficiency regarding any strategy and management endeavors—but they are essential during the navigation of the complex online marketing platform. To help avoid pitfalls or confusion when developing an online presence, OneIMS has an array of services available to help.0

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