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With the exploding popularity of WordPress as a website building and hosting platform, the need for security and peace of mind are greater than ever. With so many plugins to manage, SQL databases to sift through, and themes to juggle, WordPress operators have their hands full. To ensure a safe and secure website, quite a few WP users are looking to Sucuri.

Designed with a passion for WordPress and the possibilities it enables, Sucuri is a plugin specifically for keeping things safe while website owners focus on content. Emphasizing reliability and ease of use, any WordPress users looking to steadily maintain the integrity of their site may find just what they’re looking for in Sucuri.

Sucuri Features

A tool designed for WordPress users by WordPress enthusiasts, Sucuri boasts an impressive array of features and tools. Thanks to the developer’s intricate knowledge of all things WP, there’s a complete profile of security measures, tools, and techniques available.sucuri-malwar

  • Malware Scanning – With the advent of WordPress came the risks associated with malware. By scanning every several hours for malicious content, Sucuri works to detect problems that were illegitimately inserted.
  • Hands On Support – For a more tailored approach to security, Sucuri customers can get a web defense profile specific to their needs.
  • Cleaning Tools – For the removal of malware, phishing attempts, and just about every other type of security threat your website may be unintentionally hosting.
  • Brand Protection – An array of scanning tools will alert you to any Blacklisting your site may be suffering from.
  • Search Engine Poisoning – Deliberate attacks on search engine optimization techniques can be detected and removed.
  • DDoS Protection – For mitigating damage caused by distributed denial of service attacks Sucuri has an array of tools.
  • Firewall – Blocking the exploitation of insecure code and alerting website owners helps stop direct attacks.
  • Optimization – Tools for finding a healthy balance of security and website performance.

With a wide array of features designed to cover website security on all fronts, Sucuri boasts quite a few tools to ensure customers can focus on content and website management.

Website Integrity Management

One major feature of Sucuri that is worth noting is the blacklist scanning and recovery tool. By routinely checking your website against Google, Norton, Phishtank, and Opera to name just a few, these blacklist features can alert site operators about any issues with search engine ranking and authority.sucuri-review

Malicious attackers may find weaknesses in the coding of a website and redirect links or install banners that allow them to steal the legitimate revenue generated for the website owners. These tactics are a quick way to get a server blacklisted from major search engines in addition to significant drops in SEO authority. With preventative maintenance and rapid responses to incursions aimed at damaging a website’s integrity, Sucuri can do a terrific job of reversing the effects of disingenuous content.

If the damage from SEO poisoning is unavailable, Sucuri will help get pages reinstated with good standing by acting as a negotiator on the customer’s behalf.

Scanning Techniques

The default website monitor can handle quite a few mainstream issues that a site operator can encounter, but not nearly all of them. For more advanced protection a website requires scanning on both the front end and the server side. Using a lightweight PHP file, Sucuri is able to scan all aspects of a website to provide a more well balanced shield.

Alert System

For a very comprehensive approach to keeping a website clean, the most important aspect to take into consideration is being in the know. Knowing what’s going on and where is key to preventing nearly any form of damage. With alerts ranging from email to text messages, having multiple options to keep informed can make a world of difference.

Supported Platforms

While not applicable to WordPress only users, Sucuri does support Joomla, PHP, Drupal, and HTML to name just a few. For any website operator looking to secure their website, they’ll be able to find a product package that can work with their chosen platform.

How Well Does Sucuri Perform?

With a sturdy list of features outlined above, what really matters is how well this security solution performs under pressure. Taking available features, overall support, and pricing into consideration, Sucuri is an all around great way to keep your website secure.

Support Overview
One of the first things you’ll notice when viewing Sucuri’s homepage is a bubble popping up on the bottom right hand corner. Covered from top to bottom with contact information and offers of assistance, at first glance Sucuri comes across as a very helpful and consumer friendly brand.

With their emphasis on direct help to support their customers, Sucuri lives up to the initial show of overwhelming consideration. One of their main features, in fact, is that they offer technical support to all customers 24/7. This feature can be an enormous boon to website operators enduring a malicious attack, especially if they don’t quite understand what to do next.

Mitigating damage is one of the features that sets Sucuri apart from competitors, as they’re on hand any time of day to assist and work with customers to minimize and repair damage. Many Sucuri reviews go in to detail about these features.

They also offer a wide variety of different support ticket options for customers to get efficient and timely responses. Instead of all requests for assistance falling under one general category, specific concerns can be met with specific solutions. This can be a game changer in terms of quickly remedying security issues.

Sucuri Pricing Plans

For WordPress users looking to keep their website secure, Sucuri has a free plugin that can manage most security threats. It comes complete with most tools necessary for a well maintained site but does not give access to the customer support that paid packages give.

sucuri review pricing

For paid packages, there are three different plans with varying prices and features.

Sucuri: Basic Plan

For $199.99 a year, Sucuri offers a generic package for smaller scale websites. The features included in the basic plan are:

  • Malware removal and clean up every 12 hours
  • Blacklist checking every 12 hours
  • Malware and hacking scans every 12 hours
  • DDoS protection on layer 7 only

For site operators looking to keep their page safe and have access to professional security support any time of day, the base package is a good place to start. The $199.99 price tag equals out to a little under $18 a month, so for a website that generates revenue it can be a wise investment.

Sucuri: Professional Plan

With the price increase to $299.99 a year, or a little less than $25 a month, the professional plan offers more frequent scans and cleanup processes. The features included in this mid-tier plan are:

  • Malware removal and cleanup every 6 hours
  • Blacklist checking every 6 hours
  • Malware and hacking scans every 6 hours
  • DDoS protection again only on layer 7
  • HTTP and HTTPS secure socket login credentials

This middle of the road package offers scans and cleanup at twice the rate as the basic plan, as well as website SSL compliance for user security. The increase in price can be well worth it if a website operator or owner is experiencing frequent security issues and wants the extra layers of protection.

Sucuri: Business Plan

The most expensive plan with the most comprehensive security measures is the business plan. For a whopping $499.99 a month the price tag may seem pretty astronomical, but the benefits are well worth it. At less than $42 per month, this package offers the most in depth security for larger scale websites.

  • Malware removal and cleanup every 4 hours
  • Blacklist checking every 30 minutes
  • Malware and hacking scans every 30 minutes
  • DDoS protection on layers 3, 4, and 7
  • Rapid, HTTP and HTTPS secure socket login credentials

The difference in price may be substantial, but the difference in scanning frequency alone may be worth it. For a very popular and profitable website, protecting investments is a must for the security of future revenue. The business plan offers extremely comprehensive care on many levels.

The Verdict

If it wasn’t clear from the outset, Sucuri is a well made and well supported security solution for nearly any website owner or operator. With their emphasis on availability and customer support, damage mitigation and rapid response, they have one of the best products out there for every size of website.

For single pages to complex webs of sister sites employing enormous amounts of content and links, the product packages offered by Sucuri are not just security software packages, but actual security solutions. Extremely positive reviews across the board from multiple reviewing websites and blog posts containing dozens of web operator testimonials really give credence to a well balanced web hosting security platform.

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