Serpfox Review: Tracking Keywords in 2015

How do you track the search engine results of your website?

Most likely you enter your keyword and do a search for your website in order to find your site’s rankings on Google or Bing. Since you probably do it manually, you will find that it is very time consuming especially if you have a number of keywords to track. Read our Serpfox review and see how Serpfox can both improve your rankings and save you time.

Serpfox’s Automatic SERP Tracking

If you are an SEO consultant, you most likely look for ways to effectively and efficiently do your tasks. One of the most important tasks you do daily is keeping tabs on the performance of your keywords on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You may keep track of your own site’s keywords or manage many clients and need to monitor their campaign performance.

Do not lose faith.

You can do both the easy way by using the online SERP tracker Serpfox. The purpose of a SERP tracker is to track your keywords automatically every day. Serpfox’s SERP Tracker tool will check your website’s current ranks and show precisely where in the top 300 rankings your website lies. By keeping you apprised of any change with time of your website’s rankings, you will know what works. Your ranking data is collected and organized in one location. This data will provide you with notifications, reports and the direction of your SEO work.

Why Is SERP Tracking Important?

Google and Bing want to show their visitors the very best webpages. For instance, if you are trying to maximize your website traffic as well as conversions, your best bet is to get that #1 position on Google. This is because that #1 position on Google will bring 60% of the traffic.


By tracking your rankings, you will be able to test various, different marketing and link creation tactics. This information will allow you to know whether you need to improve over time. It will also provide you with real time data that will let you know whether your SEO efforts are moving your site forward or backwards.

Serpfox Highlights

Advanced Reporting: Serpfox’s advanced reporting allows you to visualize your SERP rank changes as you have never been able to before.

Multiple Timeframes: Whichever timeframe you prefer to track your changes in rank, Serpfox will meet your preferences. They offer daily, weekly or monthly change tracking.

Data Consistent: At Serpfox, your SERPs are consistently tracked from identical locations due to technology of intelligent tracking.

Customized Notifications: Serpfox allows you to customize when you will be notified of significant SERP change occurrences.

Serpfox Features

Nothing can beat the speed and simplicity of Serpfox, and the ease of setting up notifications will save you loads of time. The basic features of Serpfox includes:

Ease of Tracking: The interface at Serpfox is both simple and easy for you to use. The addition of keywords takes a mere second and your tracking results will be sent to you instantaneously. By allowing you to monitor your rank changes with multiple different timeframes, Serpfox provides you with the ability to plot graphs as well as evaluate your SEO campaigns’ effects.

Simplify with Groups: When generating reports for a specific client, Serpfox allows you to create groups in order to simplify the keyword tracking. It also provides you with the ability to create notifications for both a particular keyword and URL.

Be Informed: You certainly always need to know exactly what is happening with your ranks. Serpfox’s notifications always keep you up-to-date. The setup of your notifications offered at Serpfox is very flexible and allows your setup to be done with a variety of rules. Your notifications’ setup can include different kinds of notifications with diverse threshold values. For instance, you certainly would want to know when one of your keywords exits the top 10 rankings.


You can create a threshold value that is any number you choose (x). Using this threshold value, you can create rules on when you should be notified such as the following:

1. If a keyword changes by more than x positions

2. If a keyword rises by more than x positions

3. If a keyword falls by more than x positions

4. If a keyword rises to the top x positions

5. If a keyword falls out of the top x positions

You will always be informed with notifications that are sent to the primary email address of your account.

Serpfox Review

Serpfox’s interface makes entering keywords of websites as easy as possible. By eliminating unwanted clutter, their tracking of rankings remains hassle-free and far simpler than other rank trackers of the industry. This neat interface provides a program that runs quickly and devoid of problems for just about every situation.

Serpfox is able to track keyword results as far as 500 results deep in both Bing and Google. This certainly rises above the competition that all too often struggle with lower rankings when it comes to tracking keywords.

Serpfox’s notification system makes them superior to other SEO search tracking programs. They offer an overall excellent experience of preforming search engine rank checks for a number of SEO projects.

Since the keyword tracking needs of many individuals are so very different, the price choices of Serpfox’s plan selections will offer you what you need at a price to fit your budget.

You should definitely consider trying Serpfox free for one of your small projects so you can see for yourself how well Serpfox stacks up against the competition for getting the best results. You’ll see how Serpfox is so much better than the other spotty results of SEO rank checking programs with chunky interfaces.

Serpfox Pricing

If you want to try out Serpfox, you can sign up for a free account that will allow you to track 10 keywords. The price of plans offered by Serpfox is determined by the number of keywords you need to track:

Starter Plan: tracks 50 keywords at $10/month

Intermediate Plan: tracks 200 keywords at $24/month (popular)

Pro Plan: tracks 800 keywords at $55/month

Corporate Plan: tracks 2000 keywords at $99/month

Agency Plan: tracks 5000 keywords at $200/month



The number of domains for all plans are unlimited.

All plans include: regular updates, reports, multiple timeframes and exportable data.

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