MozBar Review

A top SEO tool provider, SEO Moz takes advantage of both basic and advanced research tools in an effort to help you get more relevant traffic to your website. By using keyword research tools and a keyword generator, Moz allows you to get started with relative ease, generating link analyses as time goes on to determine link quality.

Available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, The MozBar is an extension that provides several research tools; if you’re new to SEO, it can quickly become overwhelming, especially since experienced users aren’t always sure where to begin. These tools are primarily access through a toolbar, though it also displays data when entering keywords on a search engine.



The information that is shown includes metrics that are very important to good search engine optimization, such the alt text, title tag, domain authority, backlinks and so on.

MozBar Installation

Installation is just a click of a button; once installed, you’ll see a little blue button with an M appear in the extension bar of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Keyword Search with Mozbar

MozBar can generate user-friendly and deeply informative keyword report. Some of the tools, like the tool that suggests new keywords, are a bit buried in their appropriate section, which makes them a little less intuitive to access for beginners. Once you do reach them, however, they do an excellent job of figuring out exactly which keywords will work best for your website.

Depending on the analytics, the keyword generator will tell you which phrases already give you traffic that you are not yet tracking. This can be a great insight into other keyword tails not previously considered.mozbar-google

In addition to this, there is the keyword difficulty tool, which informs you which websites are currently leading the terms you’re interested in, as well as additional metrics like page authority, domain authority, a broad match to exact match scale, as well as the number of searches made locally and globally.

The tool will take this information and generate an average number known as the keyword difficulty score. This score basically says how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword, which makes it a great thing to show to stakeholders when they expect you to rank for something broad like “shoes.”

MozBar Link Building

Keyword generation is great, but it’s second only to the link building tools that Moz offers. If it doesn’t seem impressive at first, consider how use the Mozscape index is, which includes websites, links and other authority metrics. Let’s break down the process.

The Moz spiders crawl all around the Internet and look through outbound and inbound links, analyzing them and calculating the proprietary domain from which they originate, as well as page authority. The spiders then cache this information so that the customers can access it with a few simple clicks. Studies show these metrics, while not congruent, are on par with the algorithm Google uses for its ranking, meaning Moz metrics are excellent indicators of a website’s quality.

What does this mean for you? Armed with this information, you can make better informed decisions that work in line with what a search engine is seeking. The tracking tools let you better monitor links and ensure you only pursue those with the best interest and results for your business.

Competitive Analysis Tools

Users who upgrade to Moz Pro will gain access to several additional keyword research tools and programs that will help you gain better insight into the specifics of your competition, including both the keyword difficulty tool as well as competitive analysis as per the Mozscape index. On top of that, there are features available to track competitor campaigns as well as a toolbar that will let you quickly check metrics while browsing the competition.

Moz also offers another original feature: Fresh Web Explorer. This tool lets you track each link to your website and any mention of it across the visible Internet. Not only that, but it’s a good tool to use to find out where your competition has been mentioned, giving you a list of links to target. Gauge the terms that get the biggest number of hits in your business and take advantage of the information, using that to write content relevant to your industry.

Report and Tracking

Moz has a suite of reporting tools that let you schedule reports with ease. Each one is customizable. The MozBar is especially impressive in this regard as it provides a summary of your current SEO campaign. The bar provides quick access to your tracking tools and lets you generate the report without having to navigate all the way to the dashboard of your account.

mozIf you decide to upgrade to the Pro plan, it is possible to run up to five separate SEO campaigns at once. Since Moz puts a 60-keyword limit to what you can track in each campaign, that means you can pay to track up to 300 keywords spread across the five campaigns. If you have multiple themes to explore, this can be a very troublesome limit.

The rank tracking is more thorough, at least, as it provides built-in competitive analysis. Here, you will be able to see how well you are ranking for your chosen keywords compared to how the top contenders in the industry rank.

Support and Customer Service

Moz has built a great community over the years, which makes it a very attractive part of getting the Moz Pro SEO tool suite. With educational blog posts, an intuitive and efficient FAQ section, and the frequent release of updates and new features make it one of the best investments you can make in your SEO campaigns.

The Q&A section is particularly unique in its ways, which makes it a valuable place to look for personalized help. While you’re more likely to get help from a community member rather than an official Moz representative, it is still an excellent way to learn more from the collective consciousness for added value.

MozBar Summary

No matter if you’re new or experienced with SEO, the Moz toolbar(MozBar) is an incredibly valuable tool. Between the community that’s as supportive as it is large and the huge suite of well-designed SEO tools that is on par with Google, it’s hard to go wrong relying on Moz.

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