Mobility in Mind: Optimizing Your Site for Mobile

A large increase in mobile web browsing over the past few years means businesses have to think about how they are reaching consumers on multiple devices. Traffic to B2B sites on tablets and smartphones is on the rise, and any site that doesn’t target these users is missing opportunities. The answer to increased customer traffic on a range of mobile devices is responsive web design. Many companies have realized the benefits of being easily accessible to customers on the go, and now they are seeing the financial rewards as well.

How Responsive Web Design Works

The sale of tablets and smartphones is increasing as consumers begin to demand mobility. This is why responsive web design has now become more important than ever. Responsive web design allows for a change in a webpage’s layout that adjusts to whichever device it is being viewed on, improving the user’s visual experience. The design of a webpage will automatically shift to allow for less scrolling and zooming, making it easier for the user to enjoy the webpage at its full capacity.

Responsive Web Design and SEO

Responsive web design makes sites more user-friendly. If customers use a mobile device to search for your site and find it too complicated or lacking in information, they will return to Google and look elsewhere. This decreases ratings and potential profits, ultimately spelling disaster.

Instead of having different sites for phones, tablets and laptops, responsive web design creates one site for all devices. This helps your business score Google results by continuously leading customers to the same site regardless of the device.

Conversion Rates and Responsive Design

A conversion rate pertains to how many of your website’s visitors become paying customers. Users on responsive design pages spend less time completing tasks, like searching for product information, which lead to higher likelihoods of purchases.

That is why responsive design websites have higher conversion rates—ultimately resulting in more income for the company.

Creating a quality responsive web design is tricky business. It is best to hire a professional who is skilled in this particular field and can help your website move flawlessly between a variety of devices. The small initial investment in a quality responsive web design will do wonders for the growth and success of your company.

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