Infographic: The Evolution of the Perfect Marketing Department

Marketing is never a once-and-done game. The techniques and strategies for effective marketing are constantly evolving, and long gone are the days where you could push out one set of information about a product or service and be done with it. Nowadays, consumers tend to research things they buy more than the sales associates who sell it, so it’s important that you’re providing your customers with all the information they’re looking for.

The team at Adecco has put together an infographic that illustrates this shift in the world of marketing: nowadays, instead of a business pushing a product, it’s the consumers pulling in information and making choices from there. Here, you’ll learn the basics of this new form of marketing, why it’s important, and how it works.

Infographic: Evolution of the Perfect Marketing Department

Get this infographic by Adecco: The Evolution of the Perfect Marketing Department

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