How Display Ads Help Your Marketing Strategy

A successful display ad contains many elements often overlooked by business owners. For example, one of the most important aspects of this advertising method is choosing the right placement. However, before location ever becomes an issue, address the design of the ad and define the target audience. Below are four elements to consider when using display advertising and why hiring a professional is always the best option.

Display advertising Best Practices

  1. Location. With so many ads floating around the internet today, make sure to plant yours in a prime spot. Display ads should catch a reader’s attention immediately. This won’t happen if he or she has to scroll to see it. Understanding how the average reader views a webpage is essential to correct placement.
  1. Be creative. Display ads have only a tiny bit of space to make a big impression, so be sure they are memorable. Adding an unexpected element to the ad can help, but avoid making it vague. The reader should know what you are trying to sell. In this case, mystery is not intriguing.
  1. Know your market. Your display ad may reach thousands of people in one day, but, that will do no good if those people are not in your target audience. Ensure your ads are reaching the intended market or pay the costly consequences.
  1. Engage the reader. Avoid having an ad that simply sits in the corner of the screen. Craft an ad that requires answering a question or typing a few words. Customers are more likely to remember your business once they have interacted with it, even if it’s in a small way.

How a Display Ad Service Can Help

Implementing these best practices can be challenging. Thinking up a creative display and ideas that will intrigue readers is no small feat. Plus, ensuring your ad reaches its target audience requires in depth research into their activities. This is often done by looking at their past online behavior or by using cookies. Having a solid knowledge of the existing market also helps. But, these are complex tactics often unfamiliar to many business owners, and they may find themselves spending a large sum on display ads but not experiencing any results.

Using an online display ad service will address these issues and ensure not only a relevant and beneficial ad, but also correct placement and exposure to the target audience. Contact OneIMS today to learn more about creating and placing display ads.

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