Direct Mail for Small Businesses: The Underdog of Marketing

While most marketers are focused on digital reach, many are overlooking the value of direct mail campaigns. Estimates from 2013 indicate nearly 80 percent of direct mail customers are likely to open it immediately versus less than 50 percent of email recipients. Because it is more personal, enables geo-targeted marketing, and results in greater marketing ROI, direct mail is making a comeback in small business marketing.

Understanding the Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

In today’s hyper-digitalized world, businesses that utilize direct mail marketing immediately distinguish themselves from their competitors. Consider that the average American worker receives up to 120 emails per day, making it difficult for small businesses to stand out from the digital noise.

Direct Mail Marketing Achieves:

  • Greater read-through rates. An estimated 79 percent of households read through the direct mail ads they receive. Potential customers aren’t just willing to read your print ads; rather, they’re highly willing to read them. Contrast this to online ads, which suffer much lower click-through-and read rates.
  • High ROI. Businesses that utilize direct mail in their marketing campaigns receive an average 13-to-1 return on investment. Many small businesses scoff at the high initial investment of direct mail compared to digital marketing, as it can cost up to 100 times more, according to the Harvard Business Review. Still, the impressive average return certainly speaks for itself.
  • Establishing a meaningful relationship. According to Business News Daily, direct ads create a one-on-one connection that digital channels would be hard pressed to match. While Americans receive an average of 120 emails per day, the average household only receives two direct mail ads per day. This stark difference is why businesses succeed with traditional advertising.
  • Earn trust. You should believe everything you read online, right? What about the information you read in print? An estimated 56 percent of customers trust print marketing more than any other kind. Since meaningful business-to-consumer relationships are built on trust, it’s vital to ensure all marketing efforts establish your reliability.

By utilizing direct mail as a tool in your marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to grow your small business and distinguish it from its competitors. Contact OneIMS today to learn more about what direct mail can do for your brand.

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