Budget Marketing for Startups: The Basics

How to Market Your Startup Without Breaking the BankWhen in the startup phase of business, it can be tempting to sacrifice marketing for other expenses. Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake from which many startups are unable to recover. A small investment in marketing today may result in years of future growth.

Elements of Inbound Marketing

There are no shortage of techniques for spreading the word about a new business. Due to their effectiveness and efficiency, the following elements of inbound marketing are the most fundamental:

  • Lead generation. Generating consumer interest in the products and services offered by a given business may seem like a common-sense maneuver. The process is not as simplistic as many assume, however. Instead of understanding how to seek potential customers, the marketer must make it easy for them to find the business. Requiring research and strategy, it is the early phase of the sales process. Lead generation is often accomplished via SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • Establishing brand presence. The brand is the appearance and presentation of a business. It represents the characteristics and functions of services and products. Establishing a brand presence is accomplished via logos and other identifying markers, social media community involvement, content that is optimized to appear near the top of Internet search results, developing the reputation as an authority in the industry, and keeping information and tone consistent.
  • Driving traffic. Once a business has established an online presence and generated leads, the sales process has reached the point of helping consumers find those products or services that suit them—and simplifying purchasing procedures as much as possible. This can be done by targeting the appropriate demographic with the use of “Calls to Action” (CTA), such as text encouraging visitors to “Click Here to Download.” Directing traffic also consists of social sharing and humanizing outreach to be personal instead of overbearing and intrusive.

Inbound Marketing Savings

Perfect for any startup, inbound marketing provides maximum reach with minimum investment. Without it, even the most beautifully designed website and the highest-quality products and services will go largely unnoticed. Furthermore, these components of inbound marketing are cost-effective investments. The money earned by implementing them will significantly exceed the initial amount that would be saved by forgoing them.

Determining how to establish an inbound marketing strategy to ensure your business receives the maximum ROI can be a daunting task to tackle on your own. The team at OneIMS can help. Contact us today.

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