Boost Order Size: Tactics for eCommerce Businesses

Between product recommendations, follow up emails, and the use of attractive product videos, there are many ways to boost ecommerce sales. Some specific tactics include incentives, alternative forms of payment, enhanced security, and even offering special opportunities for highly personalized orders.

eCommerce Sales Tactics

When it comes to order size, attaining a high average is an incredibly important aspect of ecommerce. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help increase order sizes, thus improving overall revenue. Here are a few of the most basic:

  • Offer incentives, like free shipping. Consumers all want free shipping, especially on large orders. If you offer free shipping for a slightly above average dollar amount for an order, you’re likely to influence several customers to stretch beyond what they might normally purchase by adding a few smaller items to their orders.
  • Options like alternative forms of payment can go far. Many consumers don’t like to pay by credit card, either because entering card information over and over is tedious or because they simply want to keep all their payments in one place. If you allow customers to use services like PayPal, they may choose your business over others.
  • Ensure your site is secure, and let customers know about your investment in security. Even the most rudimentary forms of online security such as an SSL certificate can do wonders to form a trusting relationship between your ecommerce site and your customers.
  • Offer subscriptions to your service. Box-of-the-month clubs or bulk offers with a discount attached to them are great ways to swing the decision-making process. As an added bonus, have customers take a quiz or tell you about their wants and needs so you can better personalize subscriptions.

Investing in Marketing

There are a number of other strategies to improve relationships between your business and your customers, including personalized email marketing. You can also continue to redefine your brand’s message based on consumer response. What it all comes down to is ensuring you invest in great marketing with services like those offered by OneIMS to employ the above tactics, among others.

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