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5 Strategies for Branding

5 Strategies for Branding Your Professional Service Business

Whether your practice is established and in need of a refreshed brand identity or you are beginning your practice from scratch, it is important to build the blocks of your brand from the ground up before advertising can organically take place. Your practice must have an identity before the public can properly engage with your […]

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The Importance of Retargeting Viewers

The Importance of Retargeting Viewers

This troubling fact about your company’s website may surprise you: 95 percent of first-time visitors will never return. Even more shocking, 98 percent will not choose to make a purchase on the first visit. Although these statistics seem dismal, a new online … [Read More...]

implement best practices to display your ads

How Display Ads Help Your Marketing Strategy

A successful display ad contains many elements often overlooked by business owners. For example, one of the most important aspects of this advertising method is choosing the right placement. However, before location ever becomes an issue, address the design of … [Read More...]

How to Reach Local Clients

A big percentage of Internet users searching for services or products are specifically on the lookout for local companies. Even if your business’ priority is interaction on your site with B2B clients or prospective clients, localized SEO is an enormous asset. … [Read More...]


Mobility in Mind: Optimizing Your Site for Mobile

A large increase in mobile web browsing over the past few years means businesses have to think about how they are reaching consumers on multiple devices. Traffic to B2B sites on tablets and smartphones is on the rise, and any site that doesn’t target these … [Read More...]


Benefits of Using Social Media for B2B Marketing

When it comes to inbound marketing, social media has it all. Social media is easy to navigate for almost any user who might visit your page, and it is cost-effective. If not approached properly, however, social media marketing could end up a total bust. … [Read More...]


Need More B2B Hits? Try PPC

Are you looking for more leads? While PPC is not the only tool worth using, it’s an enormously useful one, especially when combined with other avenues, like SEO. While paid search may feel like a big expense and finding a service to manage it might seem … [Read More...]


Media Buying: An Asset for B2B Marketing

If your business is struggling with visibility, effective media buying may be a solution. When it comes to displaying your business’ ads for other businesses to see, ensure the ad is in the right place. Otherwise, no matter how valuable the ad itself is, you … [Read More...]